Mandala II: Paint, Sculpt and Collage Mandala Art


Instant Access

In this class, we will dive deeper into mandala making, exploring lots of different materials to create layers, texture and pattern! Our mandalas will take on a whole new 3D world! So much fun. The class is designed to follow on from the ‘Draw and Color Expressive Mandala Art’ class, but is not essential that you take that first to join this class. (as long as you have some experience in drawing mandalas)

At the end of class, you will have beautiful mandala art made from paper layers, paint, pattern and clay (we will also dabble with plaster gauze and molding paste!)

Mode: Self-paced, access when you want. No pressure or timescale to keep to.

Access: Lifetime access.

Community: Facebook Group to share your work is also available (optional to join)


What is included:

  • 3 large modules (with lots of lessons)
  • 25+ instructional videos
  • Tutorials on using all the materials and mixing them up too!
  • How to take your motifs/embellishments one step further with paper, paint and air-dry clay (we will also try plaster gauze and molding paste but not essential materials for you to get if you are tight on funds right now)
  • Unlimited access to the classroom and materials

This class is self-paced so work through in your own time. Class access is unlimited so no pressure and no classroom closing date. There is also a Facebook group if you so wish to join to share your work as you travel through.


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