Nature Trail Sketchbook {Mixed Media}


A nature trail is a short walk in nature, no matter where we live in the world and throughout the class I will inspire you with walks and discoveries from my own nature trails along the quaint alleyways and beaches in Spain and the woodlands in the UK.

Wherever our nature trails take us – the beach, the woods, countryside or urban areas, we will create little collections to observe, sketch and inspire as we create our mixed media journal pages.

By the end of this class, you will have pages of sketches, studies and mixed media elements!

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Have you noticed how good you feel when you are close to nature?

When we spend time in nature, our connection to mother earth deepens, it heals us.

Our body hums a sweet harmony, our breath slows down and our heart beats in time with the song of the earth. We feel connected. Free. As one. Complete.

In this class, I will offer you 30 lessons to explore and capture nature in your own mixed media sketchbook!

Module 1: Getting started with your sketchbook
Module 2: Collections
Module 3: Draw, Color and Stamp
Module 4: Draw and Paint
Module 5: Other Elements (sewing, portholes and more)
Module 6: Creating with Nature


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