Mixed Media Mandala Mastery (15 classes)

$567.00 $340.00

Join me for the mastery in creating mixed media mandalas for a fabulous price – 40% off!


  • All 12 episodes of the Botanical Mandalas Masterclass series (episodes 1, 2 and 3 are instant access*) (Value $420)
  • Mandala I: Draw and Color Expressive Mandala Art (Value $49)
  • Mandala II: Paint, Sculpt and Collage Mandala Art (Value $49)
  • Mandala III: Mandala and Dream Catcher Mixed Media Masterpieces (Value $49)
  • *Includes a free Botanical Inspiration Journal series.

All classes are instant access as soon as you register*, self-paced and forever access! Published in your learning portal account.

*See schedule of masterclass series classes below.


Each monthly episode will publish on the 1st of every month on your account/classes page right here in your personal learning portal.

Nature is a healing, living sanctuary full of inspiration. This immersion program will take you on a journey to connect more deeply with the healing power of nature, be inspired by what you discover there to create expressive Mixed Media Botanical Mandala Art and also use the techniques for other Art Projects Inspired by Nature.

Over the 12 month program, we will explore line drawing, motif painting, create botanical mandalas using various approaches and frameworks, watercolor, ink, poetry/affirmations, gouache, collage/paper arts, stamping/printmaking, nature’s color palettes, plaster, clay, fabric arts, creating with nature and lots more!

We will also have a private Facebook Community where Louise will host Facebook Lives and you will have the opportunity to share your work and ask any questions throughout the year.

Save a HUGE 40%+ by registering for the full 12 episode bundle. (worth $420)

(each individual episode will also be available on the 1st of each month for individual purchase if you prefer to pick and choose)


Here is the proposed schedule.

🌸EP1: Botanical Line Drawing and Painting (Instant Access)
🌸EP2: Draw and Color Botanical Mandalas(Instant Access)
🌸EP3: Mindful Mandalas (Instant Access) 
🌸EP4: Stamping /Printmaking (includes projects with paint) (1 DECEMBER, 2018)
🌸EP5: Mantra Mandalas (affirmations and intentions) (1 JANUARY, 2019)
🌸EP6: Paper and Paint (Includes a project with wax)  (1 FEBRUARY, 2019)
🌸EP7:Nature’s Color Palettes and Working with Color (includes Botanical Mandala coloring template downloads) (1 MARCH, 2019)
🌸EP8: Mixed Media on Canvas & Wood (1 APRIL, 2019)
🌸EP9: Creating with Nature (includes flower pressing, nature printing) (1 MAY, 2019)
🌸EP10: Working with Clay (includes paint, pressed flowers and more!) (1 JUNE, 2019)
🌸EP11: Fabric Arts/Sewing  (1 July, 2019)
🌸EP12: Wood and Plaster (1 AUGUST, 2019)