Mini class: Learn to Create a Botanical Mandala (taster class)


Get started with Sketching Motifs, Drawing a Mandala Design and Adding Color!  Join me to discover the beauty of creating a Botanical Mandala Design. In this class, I will show you how I get started with drawing and painting a botanical mandala. A botanical mandala can be a single flower design such as a rose or daisy or use various botanical motifs to create a more structured design (which is what we will focus on in this class) In this class: I will walk you through:

  • How to sketch and draw your own Botanical Motifs from a Dahlia flower at every stage of growth from bud to bloom
  • How to create a basic 8-point Mandala Framework
  • How to draw out your Mandala design adding your Botanical Motifs
  • Adding color using Watercolor



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