Episode 7: Creating and Using Color Palettes (inspired by nature)


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Join me to dive into the world of color, color palettes, combinations and creating harmony in your work inspired by color recipes we find in nature.

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Join me to dive into the world of color, (includes color theory and mixing our own colors) color palettes, combinations and creating harmony in your work inspired by color recipes we find in nature.

In this class, we will:

  • Learn the basics of color theory to get started and create your own color wheels, charts and references in various materials.
  • Build your color confidence by mixing our own colors, color scales, tints, shades and so on!
  • Look to nature for color palette inspiration and build our own library of color recipes for your mandala designs
  • Use photos to record color recipes
  • Start a Color Palette Journal to record all your beautiful recipes!
  • Explore various materials to see the difference in hue, texture and application to our designs. (such as pencil, paint, pastel, gouache, inks etc)
  • Bonus: Downloads of Botanical Mandala Coloring pages to practice your unique color combinations on!

This Botanical Mandala Masterclass Episode is the perfect deep dive companion to chapter 2 in my book where we look to nature for inspiration! All of these lessons will help you go deeper into the topic of color palettes, theory and combinations to use in your own mandala designs. I will walk you through with step by step instructional videos, PDF downloads, guided activities and tips. We will dive deeply into this topic exploring creative techniques for capturing the beauty of nature wherever you are in the world!

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Join me for 12 monthly online episodes of mixed media classes to connect more deeply with nature, explore natural mandalas we find there and create expressive mixed media works of botanical mandala art in a variety of materials!

Episode 7 is the fifth in a 12 part series for the immersion program: Botanical Mandalas Masterclass Series. Learn more about the full program here. Opportunities to upgrade to the full program available inside the episode 7 classroom.

Here is the proposed schedule.

Here is the proposed schedule.

🌸EP1: Botanical Line Drawing and Painting(Instant Access now)
🌸EP2: Draw and Color Botanical Mandalas (Instant Access now)
🌸EP3: Mindful Mandalas (Instant Access now)
🌸EP4: Stamping /Printmaking (includes projects with paint) (Instant Access now)
🌸EP5: Mantra Mandalas (affirmations and intentions) (Instant Access now)
🌸EP6: Paper and Paint (Includes a project with wax)  (FEBRUARY, 2019)

Half-way break for 2 months

🌸EP7: Nature’s Color Palettes and Working with Color (includes Botanical Mandala coloring template downloads) (MAY, 2019)
🌸EP8: Mixed Media on Canvas (JUNE, 2019)
🌸EP9: Creating with Nature (includes flower pressing, nature printing) (JULY, 2019)
🌸EP10: Working with Clay (includes paint, pressed flowers and more!) (AUGUST, 2019)
🌸EP11: Fabric Arts/Sewing  (SEPTEMBER, 2019)
🌸EP12: Wood, Plaster and Bonus Mixed Media projects (OCTOBER, 2019)