Episode 6: Paper, Paint and Wax


When: February 1, 2019/ Downloadable & forever access
Where: Online, Self Paced, published in your learning portal account

Join me to create beautiful layered mixed media Botanical Mandalas using paper, paint and wax!

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Join me to create beautiful layered mixed media Botanical Mandalas using paper, paint and wax!

In this class, we will:

  • Use various papers to create motifs for Botanical Mandala designs
  • Create beautiful layered Botanical Mandala artwork using various papers
  • Mix collage with painted motifs and wax finishing techniques.
  • Use photos and paint to mix realism and abstract botanicals
  • Include other materials …..


Join the full 12 Month Program

Join me for 12 monthly online episodes of mixed media classes to connect more deeply with nature, explore natural mandalas we find there and create expressive mixed media works of botanical mandala art in a variety of materials!

Episode 7 is the seven in a 12 monthly series for the immersion program: Botanical Mandalas Masterclass Series. Learn more about the full program here. Opportunities to upgrade to the full program available inside the episode 7 classroom.

Here is the proposed schedule.

🌸EP1: Botanical Line Drawing and Painting (1 SEPTEMBER, 2018)
🌸EP2: Draw and Color Botanical Mandalas (1 OCTOBER, 2018)
🌸EP3: Poetry, words, affirmations and gratitude Mandalas (1 NOVEMBER, 2018)🌸EP4: Stamp, Print and Transfer (1 DECEMBER, 2018)
🌸EP5: Nature’s Color Palettes and Working with Color (1 JANUARY, 2019)
🌸EP6: Mandala Meditations with Watercolors, Pens and Inks (1 FEBRUARY, 2019)
🌸EP7: Collage, Paint and Wax (1 MARCH, 2019)
🌸EP8: Mixed Media on Canvas (1 APRIL, 2019)
🌸EP9: Nature Pressing and Printing (1 MAY, 2019)
🌸EP10: Working with Clay (includes paint, pressed flowers and more!) (1 JUNE, 2019)
🌸EP11: Fabric Arts, textiles and Sew  (1 July, 2019)
🌸EP12: Wood and Plaster (1 AUGUST, 2019)