Chakra Color Art Journal


In this class, we will journey through the 7 colors of the rainbow, the 7 levels of chakra energy and create our own Mixed Media Color Journal.

Through audio color meditations, videos & creative exercises, we dig deeper into each color and the associated level of energy. How each color speaks to us, makes us feel and triggers our creative intuition. You will get exactly what you need from each of the colors.

We will explore and play through:

  • Color vision journaling
  • Collage
  • Photography
  • Painting

Mode: Self-paced, instant access. No pressure or timescale to keep to.

Access: Lifetime access.

Community: Facebook Group to share your work is also available (optional to join)


Each chakra in our body is a vortex of energy associated with a particular life aspect/vibration: I have, I feel I do, I love, I say, I see, I know.When our energy centers are unbalanced, this is when we may feel unwell or at ‘dis-ease’. One way to help keep our chakras balanced is to work with the associated color, so each week, I will be giving you a little insight into each. If you would like to dive more deeply into color, the chakra’s and learn how to energize/balance your own energy system through the creative process, this class is perfect for you.

By the end of the class, you will have

  • A gorgeous chakra color art journal to add to as you travel further with your color energy explorations.
  • 7 pieces (AT LEAST!) of artwork in each color /chakra energy center (these might be a small painting, journal page, photo montage or color study)
  • More understanding of each of the colors we cover, how they effect us and are linked with our chakra energy system
  • Knowledge on how you can use color to energize and tune into your true self when you need it.

This class is perfect for you if…

  • You would like to explore color and the link with your own chakra energy system
  • Learn and have fun with some different creative techniques and ways to connect with color.
  • You’d like to learn more about your own personal energy levels and how you can work with them through color.
  • You have some inner creative blocks you would like to heal and clear.
  • Already know about the chakra system and would like to use these energies to tap into your creative intuition.
  • You are looking for more creative play and want to create some gorgeous intuitive color energy work.
  • Need to feel more balanced and would like to use color and creativity to heal.


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