A Year of Color


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Join me to dive into color energy in your world. 52 prompts and color information to help you to invite color into your life and explore how it affects you on a daily basis. (includes color mixing and color wheel videos!)

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Join me to dive into the world of color in your world!

When I started my own ‘understanding’ color journey back in 2010, I knew I was going to change my own life for the better.

As many of you are aware, I am passionate about color and ‘A Year of Color’ invites you to learn about the healing power of color energy and to invite more color into our lives everyday. I am an artist, trained as an energy life coach and studied Color Therapy. My journey with color in the last decade has brought me to where I am today and I am excited to share more about color and to inspire you to explore too!

As an artist, color plays such an important role in our materials, how we paint or draw, how we express our feelings onto the canvas and of course how others observing our artwork will feel from the colors we have chosen.

Color is JOYFUL, Color is FUN, Color is ESSENTIAL

Color plays an essential part in life for EVERYONE. Even if you are someone who has difficulty seeing color or is completely color blind, the vibrational energy that color has on you continues to affect your body, mood and health. Many of us are aware that we need sunlight to maintain a healthy state of wellbeing. Sunlight contains all the colors essential to us to be healthy, so if we do not receive those colors on a daily basis, we become unbalanced and more open to illness. Many of us, in the winter months, feel the effects of SAD (seasonal affective disorder) which is the result.

I am excited to embark on this journey myself and connect with you all as we explore the wonderful world of color together.