Big Dreams, Small Wonders – the ecourse Imagine waking up everyday, excited to be living your dream life with purpose and passion. It is never too late to start and this course will guide you through identifying your dreams and making them a bigger part of your life. We are all dreamers, but rarely do we have the courage to take that first step to turn dreams into reality. “Big Dreams, Small Wonders” is your first step – join us on this journey of self discovery, creativity and living your best life – you will never look back. In this six module program, we journey through the process that I have been using for many years to dream and plan my dream life {which I am living, YAY!} . I also use this process every year to set goals for the year ahead. We will all use a Dream Journal to visualize our dream life and map out the steps to get there, celebrating the small wonders along the way. A full description of class is HERE Mode: Self-paced, access when you want. No pressure or timescale to keep to. Access: Lifetime access. Community: You can add comments and ask questions within the classroom

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Louise Gale Louise Gale Author

Big Dreams, Small Wonders – the ecourse


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1. Review and Celebrate

2. Soul Profile

3. Vision

4. The Universe

5. Goals

6. Road Map!